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Lately the racial identity of Jews has been a hot topic. There is a narrative pushed that all Jews are “white” or European, some even going so far to say we are “colonizers”.

Jews, our history and our identity are commonly misunderstood by the masses, which is one way that antisemitic beliefs spread so quickly.

May is Jewish heritage month so it is the perfect time to spread information and truth about Jewish people to challenge the myths and misconceptions being widely accepted.

Here at CCFP, one of our main missions is to spread empathy and strengthen connections between diverse communities through EDUCATION.

Jewish people have consistently adapted wherever we have been, maintaining rich, dynamic cultures that integrate and honor ancient Jewish traditions, along with our native language, Hebrew.

One pillar of Judaism is to always welcome outsiders to join us and learn about us. Despite this, we are larely misunderstood and presumed to fit in a monolith based on limited exposure to Jewish history and identity. We hope this helps you to understand our heritage and immense diversity.

We are prouder than ever to be jews.

Peace and love to ALL!

Written by: Amanda Strange, CCFP

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