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Floyd Mayweather Stand Up For Israel During Challenging Times

Updated: Apr 14

Undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather visited Israel and received two awards this week: The Champion for Israel award and the Lifesaving Award for his support of Israel. During his visit, Mayweather visits the Dan Family Aish World Center, where he discusses antisemitism, and the United Hatzalah headquarters, where he learns more about the organization's work in providing swift medical care.

Floyd Mayweather, a boxing world champion, was one of the first international celebrities to support Israel when he sent his private plane to deliver medical equipment to the country to help the injured. After that, Mayweather continued to advocate against hate and antisemitism while standing up for Israel.

Wanting to strengthen his connection with Israel and its people, Mayweather visited the country. During his visit, he received the Champion For Israel Award at the Dan Family Aish World Center and met with United Hatzalah Volunteers.

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