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We Stand With Ukraine

The world stood still as news broke on Feb. 24 that Russia had invaded Ukraine. Many countries and organizations released statements condemning Russia’s attack on Ukraine and calling for all military action to cease and for humanitarian aid given to the Ukrainian people.

According to recent data, The crisis in Ukraine is affecting over 1.5 million people — half a million of whom are children and minors. Since the invasion, the UN's refugee agency has reported over 1.7 million people have become refugees. Women, children, marginalized communities, and the poor will be those most affected.

It has also been reported that Black people are experiencing racism at the border while trying to leave the country. Footage has gone viral of people being blocked from boarding trains and that police are prioritizing white Ukrainians over Black people crossing the border.

While our prayers for a peaceful resolution continue, there are immediate emergency needs. We can all help by donating funds to organizations that are actively supporting the Ukrainian people irrespective of race, religion, and ethnicity.

Some of these organizations include:

1. The Ukrainian Red Cross does loads of humanitarian work, from aiding refugees to training doctors. Donate here.

2. The International Medical Corps is on the front lines and prepared to help citizens with emergency health care services, as well as mental health and psychosocial support. The agency is also keeping the pandemic top of mind throughout the crisis by prioritizing COVID-19 awareness and prevention services, to help keep displaced citizens safe from the pandemic. Donate here.

3. Doctors Without Borders is on the front lines and is expanding our medical and humanitarian response in Ukraine and neighboring countries to meet the evolving needs.

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