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Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Spark of Life

Passover, Easter, and Ramadan overlapped on the calendar this year (2022). Jews, Christians, and Muslims are all celebrating major holidays at the same time this year. The three Abrahamic religions celebrated their most holy tradition in tandem. This only happens every thirty-three years.

Each religion celebrates and remembers the very events which define it's unique religious identity and has it's own expression of faith. They assemble to remember, honor, and recommit themselves and their most cherished communities to the God whom they call upon.

All three faiths set time aside each year to fast, pray, and give to the poor. All three religions celebrate with feasting and traditional activities which bring new generations into remembrance of God’s work among God’s people.


Regardless of your religious traditions, the celebration of these important holidays and festivals reminds us that Jews, Christians, and Muslims have an Abrahamic connection. We hope this realization brings mutual respect and appreciation as we explore the foundations of the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faith.

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