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Israel At War!

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Israel came under attack on October 7th from Hamas, a terrorist organization. Hamas, supported and funded by Iran, conducted a mass attack on Israel by launching over 2,000 rockets at Israel in a surprise attack that combined fighters entering Southern Israeli cities by air, tunnels, and by sea.

The sole purpose of Hamas’ operation is not the liberation of the Palestinian people, but to kill Jews and eradicate Israel.

As these events unfold, we are saddened and shocked to hear of the 4000+ rockets, 700+ deaths, 2000+ injuries, and 100+ hostages. Israelis and all of us are in a state of distress.

We have been advised of numerous protests and support rallies here in the US from groups that support Hamas and the terrorist attacks in Israel. Please be safe and aware of any overt action in your community.

As this terrible war in Israel continues to unfold you can get Jewish Broadcasting Service ( on your phone, computer and or tv via your streaming devices such as Roku by adding Jbstv through the search function.

The ways to help suggested include individual and communal prayers and recitation of psalms (Tehillim), sending messages to all government representatives asking for their support for Israel, and funds through your local Jewish Federations earmarked for direct assistance for the people of Israel.

Please join us in praying for peace in the Middle East and around the world.

May the one who creates peace bring peace to us and to all Israel.

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