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East Tampa Community Revitalization Partnership

The East Tampa Community Revitalization Partnership (ETCRP) is a collective of small businesses owners, government representatives, non-profit, organizations and community residents which want what’s best for the East Tampa area. CFCPD President Carrol Josephs Marshall is a Board Member of the ETCRP and serves as the Chair of ETCRP Economic Development Sub-Committee. The collective works diligently to help appropriate Tax Increment Financing (TIF) funds to reinvest into the same community from which those tax dollars are derived.

East Tampa is ideally situated between Downtown, the Port of Tampa and the University of South Florida and offers convenient access to three interstates and Tampa International Airport. The community continues to attract private investment throughout the 7.5 square-mile area, especially along Hillsborough Avenue where the new Walmart Supercenter and other retail outlets are under construction. The City remains committed to investing in significant public safety, aesthetic and infrastructure projects, such as “Bright Lights, Safe Nights” and the recently completed “Clarence Fort Memorial Trail”.

The CRA Façade Improvement Program provides property owners with financial assistance (grant) to improve the appearance of their properties in designated areas of Tampa’s Community Redevelopment Area (CRAs).

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