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Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Hispanic Heritage month is truly an exciting time when leaders such as Dr. Torres and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Pinellas County work together with a strong sense of community to make the American Dream possible.

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Connecting Cultures for Peace (CCFP) is showcasing organizations and their leaders’ impact on social justice. This article highlights one such organization in Central Florida.

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Pinellas County (HCCPC) vision is to “Create the strongest Hispanic and Latino business community in the state of Florida”. Their mission is to equip and empower Hispanic and Latino entrepreneurs so that their businesses thrive. Business owners serve as role models for future generations within the community.

HCCPC has a team of movers and shakers! Today we will focus on Dr. Val Torres, Board Director heading the business development and financial education programs at the HCCPC. Dr. Torres brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and expertise along with the determination and grit to get things moving.

Dr. Torres is the Director of Business Development for The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Pinellas County and the Director of Business Development for Tampa Bay Florida Chapter of the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs.

Dr. Torres is known as the ‘resource broker’ for all organizations that collaborate with him. His support is shared not only with the Latin community but in leadership development initiatives for women leaders and female entrepreneurs. Currently, he sits on several advisory boards including the Latino Leadership Institute for their Latino Entrepreneur Access Program, as well as Florida International University’s Business Women in Leadership Program.

As HCCPC’s Board Director, Dr. Torres focuses on reducing disparities in healthcare, housing, education and economic opportunities in underserved communities. He is especially focused on the Hispanic community where he runs debt elimination programs and other financial services. He leverages his professional network to mitigate problems and offer innovative solutions. He believes business development is the fastest way to remove oneself from poverty. Dr. Torres aims to improve the financial health of the Pinellas County and Tampa Bay Hispanic Communities. Business ownership has become a more viable option for those who cannot afford to pursue a college education.

“There are resources, but no one knows about it”, says Dr. Torres. HCCPC has truly found the right business development ambassador to champion this issue. From employee benefits, to capital, he can be your resource broker, helping your business to succeed. His job is to simplify yours. He welcomes opportunities to collaborate with other Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Non-Profits that are invested in community/economic development and business owners in all 50 states.

At this moment The HCCPC provides resources necessary for business owners to thrive, including help with grant applications, as well as bi-monthly networking events promoting businesses. Membership allows access to key benefits such as:

1. Access to HCCPC Newsletter

2. Opportunities to host networking events

3. Opportunities to showcase your business on membership directory

4. Exclusive Facebook access to member-only groups

5. Member-only access to intellectual, social, and financial resources that the Board of Directors provide

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