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Social Justice Concert

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

"Powerful Music and Messages Converge in a Night of Impact"

In a harmonious blend of music and activism, acclaimed artists Lapidus and Myles are set to take the stage together for a transformative social justice concert that promises to inspire, educate, and ignite positive change. The event, eagerly anticipated by fans and social justice advocates alike, will take place on Zoom on 9/11, and is poised to be a rallying point for those passionate about addressing pressing societal issues.

Lapidus & Myles, known for their soul-stirring lyrics and captivating melodies, has long been a champion of social justice causes. Their thought-provoking music has resonated with listeners across the globe, making them a potent force in advocating for equality, diversity, and human rights. With hits like "Praying With Our Feet" and "When Silence Is Untenable," they have earned a reputation for seamlessly weaving together art and activism.

The social justice concert will feature a carefully curated setlist that touches on a range of pressing issues, including racial equity, diversity, environmental sustainability, and more. Lapidus and Myles are expected to deliver electrifying performances that not only entertain but also provoke thought and conversation.

"This concert is about harnessing the power of music to create a meaningful impact," said Lapidus "We believe in the ability of art to shape narratives and challenge the status quo, and we're excited to join forces with Connecting Cultures for Peace to amplify our collective message."

Beyond the music, the event will also feature Jane West Walsh, CCFP VP, who will provide insights into the current state of various issues and offer ways for attendees to get involved. Additionally, Tax deductible donations are accepted to benefit "CCFP Stop The Hate Programs."

The event not only promises an evening of powerful music but also the opportunity to be part of a collective movement towards a more just and equitable world. For more information, visit

In a world where music and activism increasingly intertwine, Lapidus and Myles stand as beacons of hope, using their voices to raise awareness and inspire action. The social justice concert is poised to be a milestone in their journey, bringing people together to celebrate the potential of art to drive meaningful change.

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